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About Full Circle Funerals: Full Circle is a modern funeral directors, committed to supporting the wellbeing of every bereaved individual.

Established in 2016 in Guiseley, Full Circle have since rapidly grown and now operate multiple branches in Leeds, Halifax and Harrogate. Full Circle have also started a franchise called Full Circle Partners with the aim of expanding further across the region.

Full Circle have won “The Good Funerals Awards” and are a recommended funeral director by NaturalDeath.org.

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Our relationship with FullCircle: In 2016, Sarah Jones (Director of Full Circle Funerals) approached us to create an online presence that should abide by strict brand guidelines. Sarah’s brief also included the inclusion of an intuitive back office that would allow for easy day-to-day updates, ensuring that internal members of staff could get hands on, and regularly update the site.

Sarah commented:

“Proactive Code are always there when we need them. They are really responsive to answering questions, helping us to learn so we can be more self-sufficient but also stepping in quickly when we need their expert support. We have always felt like they completely understand how important their support is to our business and we never feel like we are a “ticket” or faceless job. They seem interested in our challenges and successes, want to understand so they can give the best possible support and so that they can get the best solutions every time. They feel like an extension of our team, rather than an external supplier that we need to ‘manage’.”

Since the launch of the initial visitor website, Proactive Code and Full Circle have worked closely together to continue building a strong online presence. In recent years, there has been increased focus in continued investment in Search Engines Optimisation (SEO), to help facilitate Full Circle’s growth.

On SEO, Sarah noted:

“They explain the stages to us, help us to be as self-sufficient as we can, make sure that we understand what they are doing to support us and never hide behind complicated explanations or acronyms. They listen to our challenges and hopes, share our problems and have tailored their offering to meet our particular objectives. I feel confident that I understand what they are doing, how it will help us and they avoid creating an unnecessary dependence. They are demystifying SEO and taking us on an interesting SEO adventure.”

Sarah concluded:

“Proactive Code have supported us since our business was merely a vision. They have supported us every step of the way. Our business has grown considerably over the last five years and Proactive have ensured that our website and SEO have kept up and continued to meet our needs through this journey. Proactive Code have recommended others for support when this has been required and are excellent at presenting a number of priced options for us to consider at every milestone.”

Sarah Jones and David Billington at Full Circle Funerals

Daniel, Director at Proactive commented:

“Proactive Code and Full Circle are currently exploring new tools and techniques to promote further digital growth. I’m really excited to see the business continue to move forward and develop their operation in the Leeds area and beyond.”

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